Legislative Update – Final for Regular Session - The Legislature adjourned late last week without reaching an agreement on a transportation package as well as the state operating budget.  House and Senate transportation negotiators will start meeting this week ahead of the special session starting on Wednesday.  No … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 14 - House and Senate Transportation Committees are in negotiations to develop a compromise transportation package.  Both the Senate and House versions raise similar amounts of revenue over the 16 years of their respective packages, but with several differences that will need … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 13 - House Transportation Committee Chairwoman Judy Clibborn is expected to release her transportation revenue package on Tuesday, April 14th.  The House Transportation Committee will exec proposed substitutes for ESSB 5987 and ESSB 5988 bills at a meeting scheduled at 6:00 PM. … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 12 - The House and Senate Transportation Committees heard their respective 2015-17 current law transportation budgets (HB 1299 and SB 6073) last week.  The House is scheduled to pass their version on Monday, April 6th with the Senate scheduled for Tuesday, April … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 11 - The House Transportation Committee heard the Senate transportation revenue and expenditure package, ESSB 5987 and ESSB 5988 this past Thursday.  The hearing took nearly three hours for 90-plus people to testify.  County executives from King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties expressed … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 10 - The Senate’s transportation revenue and spending bills are scheduled to be heard on Thursday, March 26th at 3:30pm.  The Senate’s revenue bill, ESSB 5987, increases fuel tax by 11.7 cents per gallon, raises several vehicle weight and license fees, and … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 9 - Bill hearings on the Senate Transportation revenue package, ESSB 5987 and ESSB 5998, are expected to be heard next week on Thursday, March 26th. The reform bills will be heard in various committees with the first bill ESB 5993 being … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 8 - Senate transportation revenue and appropriation bills along with Senate transportation reform bills have been introduced in the House and referred to a various policy and fiscal committees for hearings.  The revenue and appropriation bills, ESSB 5987 and ESSB 5988 have … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 7 - The Senate transportation package was brought to the floor for passage this past Friday. The eight transportation reform bills were brought up first. Six of the reform bills, SB 5992-SB 5997, were passed on a bipartisan basis. The most controversial … Continue reading
Legislative Update – Week 6 - The Senate Transportation Committee passed their bipartisan transportation package out of committee.  The bipartisan package included three transportation revenue and spending bills together with six policy bills.  Two additional policy bills were passed out with only majority coalition votes.  Several … Continue reading